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Imani Maatuka – President

Imani Maatuka

Imani has possessed an entrepreneurial spirit since a young age. At the tender age of fourteen, Imani successfully facilitated, promoted and executed her first event, creating her company, FYB. Once Imani had her first taste of success, she never looked back. Over the course of Imani’s high school career, she generated over $30,000 in profit, from her events. Her high-school success granted her the opportunity to pursue her same passion throughout her collegiate career.

Imani Maatuka became the first freshman to ever be hired at the University Event Center at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. As an Event Manager, Imani was responsible for scheduling, creating, and organizing events all major and minor events for the University, while also managing those major events and delegating tasks to event staff.

 Imani Maatuka graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in only three years, securing a 4.0 GPA, as well as Summa Cum Laude honors recognition. Imani’s hard work and dedication to not only her professional endeavors but also her academic efforts have granted her the opportunity to attend Washington University, School of Law, as a Dean’s Fellow.

Imani’s drive is her greatest asset. In addition, her commitment and desire to be successful are distinguishing traits, that will continue to separate her from the masses.

“Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard.” – Tim Notke

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